Missing file in expo-permissions-interface

When I try to compile on Xcode, one of the file failed because of missing file <EXPermissionsInterface/EXUserNotificationCenterProxyInterface.h>.

As I checked in node_modules/expo-permissions-interface/ios/EXPermissionsInterface (where the podfile points to), there indeed is no such file existing.

However, as I looked up on the package repo, the file “EXUserNotificationCenterProxyInterface.h” is lying at the exact directory.

Below is my yarn.lock record on expo-permissions-interface

version “1.2.0”
resolved “https: // registry . yarnpkg . com/expo-permissions-interface/-/expo-permissions-interface-1.2.0.tgz#9c65f66f3ff90f2f9ed79d9292ec3c788ae9b85e”
integrity sha512-hHduXuB0+hSymex0ZTJWjlTJffmHt2cEZGLorhwM51r082oudurrpfed7sjGqKu9wSM6TeAjPG3UaLvyWVG/dQ==
expo-core “~1.2.0”

I’ve tried to install @2.0.0 instead but the file is still missing. How should I resolve this issue?

In my case, i find EXUserNotificationCenterProxyInterface.h file missing, so re-install expo-permissions-interface
$$ npm install expo-permissions-interface
$$ pod install
It works.