Supporting/kernel-manifest.json: No such file or directory

I’m getting this error while trying to build:
“Supporting/kernel-manifest.json: No such file or directory” even if there is a step in the upgrade process that specifically says to delete this file.

I just reverted the deletion of that file and everything looks to be working.

You need to both delete it from disk and remove it from the Xcode project’s file tree so it stops trying to build it. It sounds like maybe you didn’t do the latter.

Skipping this step is also harmless, it just means you have an extra file floating around which is not used for anything.


Thanks @ben, deleting Supporing/kernel-manifest.json worked just fine :+1:

For whoever else stumbles upon this. Confirmed that deleting from Supporting/kernel-manifest.json in Xcode fixed the build issue. I only had it deleted from my Webstorm project