MapView from ejected app on IOS using google provider

Hi All,

I’ve completed the “Developing with ExpoKit” and the Mapview section int he documentation to eject may app to a react native app with expokit.
According to the doc there is no particular action to be performed in order to use MapView but this was not my case… I had to specify the google Map ApiKey following the react native maps from airbnb documentation

Basically I simply updated the file AppDelegate.m and added the two lines (at the right place):
@import GoogleMaps;…
[GMSServices provideAPIKey:@“My-Key-from_google_console”];…

Is this expected? If so can I submit a pull request to update the documentation?



Hi - when not using ExpoKit, you can provide an iOS google maps API key using ios.config.googleMapsApiKey as specified in the docs here.

When using ExpoKit, that’s correct, you’d probably need to follow whatever the react-native-maps normal instructions are. We can’t automatically configure the key for you any more, since we no longer control your native iOS project.

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