Google Maps on iOS with MapView

Relatively new to React Native, I’m using AirBnb’s react native maps package in my app, and all the tutorials talk about getting Google Maps to work in iOS by going into my iOS folder and managing the cocoapods dependencies etc.

I don’t completely remember, but I created my app with expo init, or maybe with create-react-native-app, and I don’t have an iOS folder. From what I’ve read it looks like I can get the separate folders by ejecting my app.

Here is what my actual question is about. The question is basically “Can I use Google Maps in an iOS MapView and still code my app in React Native and run it in Expo in both Xcode simulator and Android emulator, and still have hot/live loading?”

You could abstract the question just a bit and phrase it as “Can I follow the instructions on, say, a MapView tutorial, to use native dependencies, having iOS and Android folders, and still write my app in React Native and run it in both simulators with hot/live loading?”

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