"Manifest verification failed"

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 44
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): All

Within our JS code, we check for updates via Updates.checkForUpdateAsync(). If so, it let’s the person know with an alert, then applies the update. We noticed in Sentry a lot of Manifest verification failed (for iOS) and Failed to download manifest from URL (for Android) errors are streaming in. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The code I’m using looks like this:

 const update = await Updates.checkForUpdateAsync();
        if (update.isAvailable) {
          await Updates.fetchUpdateAsync();
            'Update Available',
            'An update has downloaded and will now be applied.',
              text: 'OK',
              onPress: () => {

We catch the error if it is unsuccessful.

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