Updates.checkForUpdateAsync fails with "Could not write to path"

I have an update loop that is polling to check for updates using Updates.checkForUpdateAsync();. I’m getting thousands of these errors from Sentry:

Could not write to path /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/A4BE71DA-764F-4043-AC73-D14E491234C0B/Library/Application Support/.expo-internal/manifestPublicKey.pem: You can’t save the file “manifestPublicKey.pem” because the volume “Data” is out of"

My guess is that the user themselves is out of disk space. Is that right? The manifestPublicKey.pem sounds like something in the Expo internals.

Can someone confirm this? Does the Updates.checkForUpdateAsync(); call rely on their being disk space available? If so, is there anyway to bypass that so that I can make sure their app get’s updated?

Managed Expo 39.0 Workflow


Have you seen this post? I wonder if it’s related to your issue. The error message is different, though:

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Hey @wodin, I spoke with Charlie about this, and we filed a ticket: Updates.checkForUpdateAsync() crashes when phone disk space is full · Issue #10623 · expo/expo · GitHub.

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