Still getting "Manifest verification failed" when using Updates.checkForUpdateAsync().

I’ve already posted about this here, but the thread was locked. This is still happening after all this time. It seems like your update services are a bit flaky? Is there a support email I can send the issue to?

I found a GitHub issue that makes it seem like I need to upgrade to the newer eas update instead of expo publish (which we currently use). At the moment we are pretty stuck with Expo SDK 42 as the migration to the new version totally bricks our app due to customizations within our native files.

Hi @codylundquist

Maybe try Contact Us — Expo

Btw, I am not sure that “Manifest verification failed” is the same error as mentioned in the GitHub issue you’re referring to. That seems to be about not being able to find the manifest rather than not being able to verify one that it did find.

Hi @wodin ,

I’m actually seeing multiple different errors in Sentry. Including the one in the GitHub issue I pointed to.

Although the one that is happening the most is “Manifest verification failed”.

I’ll try to go through the Contact Us link, thanks.

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