Listen for external event

Hey folks :wave:

Once a day we update our content in our app. Right now I send a notification out letting our users know there’s been an update. What I want to happen is that I can send an event out from outside of the app, and the app will listen for that, and fire an event (which would then refresh content).

One way of doing this is to hook into the Notifications.addListener and fire the event from there. But this only works for those who have notifications enabled, if notifications permissions are rejected on iOS, then I never get their Expo Push Notification Token, and never attempt to notify them.

My question is, is there a way, similar to the Notifications.addListener, which will enable me to listen to an external event fired off to a URL, which would work regardless of whether the user has notifications allowed?

As I say, I want to refresh app content, not trigger a notification, but the Notifications.addListener is the closest I can see to having a listener to an external event.

Any help appreciated. Thanks folks :raised_hands:

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