JWPlayer for expo

I am looking to integrate JWPlayer into my Expo app. But at this point I do not see anything to make that happen.

Has anyone done this yet?


As far as I can see JWPlayer has a web-based version, an Android SDK and an iOS SDK.
The web-based one might be possible to use in a WebView, but that does not sound ideal.
The Android and iOS SDKs consist of native code, so you would not be able to use them in a Managed Expo app.

If you search for JWPlayer "react native" there are at least a couple of React Native libraries that seem to wrap the Android or iOS JWPlayer SDKs. I have not looked at them further than seeing that they do require native code and therefore will not work in the Managed workflow.

The only way you will be able to use these in an Expo app is if you eject.

Yeah that is exactly what I was thinking as well. The webview was the only option unless you eject. I have never ejected a project and not sure what that means, and how that will affect the current code base.