React-native-webview support?

Hello all, question about future support for react-native-webview - npm. I have been using a library called react-native-canvas to dynamically render a prize wheel in my app. However, that library recently starting using react-native-webview as a dependency (instead of React Native’s own WebView), which apparently is not supported by Expo unless I eject, which I don’t want to do. So currently I am unable to upgrade either Expo or the react-native-canvas library without breaking things.

Being that WebView is apparently going to be removed from React Native - according to their docs page here - I’m wondering if there are there any plans to support react-native-webview without the need to eject? Thanks.

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@kensmash I also have concerns for this. Before the depreciation happens, can the Webview be replaced with this one? It’s a fork from the current one, so for most users it should be a smooth transition. If I can be of help in any way, I’d happily volunteer. I took a quick look into the expo code and wasn’t sure where to start. Might take another attempt if I get some time :slight_smile:


when the react-native-webview be the react native core. expo don’t need do anything I think.

If I’m understanding the React Native docs correctly, react-native-webview is not going to be part of core. The React Native team is attempting to slim down what is core in React Native, hence why they are removing WebView.

react-native-webview is listed as “in progress” on the Expo Canny, targeted for SDK 33: