Streaming Video from outside source

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Just wondering if the expo video component allows for HLS Video streams for live video content. We’re looking to build an app that focus’s heavily around video and live video and would like to start in expo without ejecting if possible.

Hey @doodirock!

We don’t officially support HLS streaming with our media API right now, but it is something we are working on and are hoping to support in the future.


So it looks like an eject in is my future. Thanks!

Another quick question that I’m sure I already know the answer to. Can I use other react native components outside of the Expo SDK or will i need to eject? I’m looking into react-native-video which supports HLS

You can use pure-JS libraries with Expo. If the component has native dependencies, then you need to detach to ExpoKit to use it.

Is there any word on implementing live video with Expo? I don’t want to eject :(. This library seems popular: Is there any way to get this library to work without ejecting?

If you want to use that library, you would unfortunately have to detach and use ExpoKit. A good rule of thumb is that if the library requires you to run react-native link or make manual native code changes, you will have to detach(eject) your Expo project.

As for Live Video being part of the Expo SDK API, I would recommend creating a feature request here Feature Requests | Expo so that we can track what features users want and others can express the same desires.


That is what I thought! Thank you for the quick response! :slight_smile:

Of course! Best of luck building your project!

@adamjnav sorry to bother you again. After messing around with stuff I realized the main thing I need is support for the .m3u8 type. The weird thing is this works with iOS using the expo Video component but not Android. I tried all different codecs that the stream would return with no luck.

Is there any reason the android version doesn’t support m3u8 but the iOS version does? Thanks.

Hey buddy. @ndelfino How did you get to play .m3u8 files on Expo app?

Is there any update to this thread or to HLS support in Expo in general?

Hey @jayarjo,

Unfortunately we don’t have any updates at this time. Sorry! :disappointed:

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Hey @adamjnav

Sorry to be “that guy” asking for an update, but these days live streaming video is becoming incredibly popular and as a react-native freelancer I’ve seen numerous requests for this feature from clients in their expo apps. It would be incredible if this were supported in the expo api so we don’t have to eject. Is there any plan in the foreseeable future to support HLS?

Thank you


I had smiliar issue. …playlist.m3u8 I have kind of like that url and on IOS it looks work but android it doesn’t. Any update?

It’s been a while but if it somehow still actual:

m3u8 playlist from outside source is actually working on android now. In my case it was necessary to set prop overrideFileExtensionAndroid to "m3u8".