Hey guys, I am having an issue with EAS Submit & iOS

I am running eas submit -p ios to submit my build to the app store, and I am getting the following error:

‘One or more platforms cannot be created for this app due to your provider’s contract state. - Creation of apps for the platform(s) iOS is not available due to your provider’s contract state.
An attribute value is invalid. - ITC.apps.validation.bundle_not_available
Visit and resolve any warnings, then try again.
Submission failed’

how can I address this ITC.apps.validation.bundle_not_avaiable ?

I tried updating EAS CLI to the latest release, I have rebuilt the app, I have contacted Apple Developer support and they said they cant help / my account on their end was fine,

has anyone else come up against this issue, or know how to solve it?

I appreciate anyone’s assistance,

my expo deets:

  • managed workflow
  • eas 5.4.0
  • expo 49.0.0

you may need to sign in to and accept updated contracts from apple

I am up to date on my terms & agreements so I dont think that is the issue, is there anything I may have missed here?

When I spoke to Apple Dev support they also confirmed my account their end was up to date :thinking:

are you submitting the build for another team that your account is a part of? that account may nee dto accept new agreements