EAS submit to app store is timing out?

Hi! I’m trying to do EAS submit, following what looked like a successful iOS build. (And following a successful build and submit earlier today.) I’m getting a timeout. It’s happened twice. Is this just something that happens and I should try later? Or does this indicate a problem with my build. Running eas submit from my console is the only way to do this, right?


can you share a link to the submissions page?

OK, false alarm. My third attempt gave me a usable error message.

You’ve already submitted this version of the app.
Versions are identified by Build Numbers (expo.ios.buildNumber in app.json).
If you’re submitting an Expo project built with EAS Build, increment the build number in app.json and build the project again.
Learn more: fyi/bumping-ios-build-number.md at main · expo/fyi · GitHub.

And I know how to fix that. Sigh! (I just set the autoIncrement flag - I will NOT remember to do that manually. Ever.

EAS is awesome, but that’s definitely a spot that I could use a prompt to save me from building the wrong version and wasting one of my precious free builds.

we are working on further improving the auto increment functionality. re: free build counts - we don’t enforce the limit right now, but we will in the future - so don’t worry about that for now.

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Thanks, that’s good to know!