Issues with Google Play Pre-Launch Report and AdMob

SDK Version: Expo 38.0.0
Platform: Android

I am nearing the production release of an app I am working on and I read a lot of issues with Google Play Pre-Launch Report and AdMob. Particularly AdMob accounts being suspended because the bots of Google Play Pre-Launch Report clicked on the Ads, which is prohibited.

So far the options I got while looking for solutions is to “Turn-off Pre-Launch Report” when I publish a release.

The problem I have with this is that I actually like the Pre-Launch Report and would prefer to use it. Another problem is that I also use Firebase Test Lab which I think is the same tools used by Pre-Launch Report.

So right now I am thinking of turning off Pre-Launch Report for production releases. And then use a “no-ads” version for google play internal test releases and firebase test lab, but this is kind of hectic and could lead to accidental problems in the future?

I was thinking of adding conditions to not display Ads for Test Lab devices, the problem is I can’t detect them. I tried using expo-device to see if there is a common property that I can use to filter out their devices, but wasn’t able to find any to detect. All of the values are generic brands, IDs, etc. Nothing “firebase” or “google-play”-ish.

Anyway, any ideas on how to handle this better? I am using expo-ads-admob to run AdMob btw.


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