Issues with exp build:ios

I already have a version of the app that I am trying to upload on the App Store, and am trying to build an update. But I am having issues building an IPA file/using exp build:ios. I am using a Windows 10 device, and cannot get past entering my credentials without an error.

In Command Prompt
07:51:59 [exp] Validating Credentials…
07:52:00 [exp] Error while gathering & validating credentials
07:52:00 [exp] undefined
07:52:00 [exp] Set EXPO_DEBUG=true in your env to view the stack trace.

In Powershell
07:55:30 [exp] Validating Credentials…
07:55:30 [exp] Running: bash.exe -c PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin /mnt/c/Users/User/AppData/Roaming/npm/node_modules/exp/node_modules/@expo/traveling-fastlane-linux/traveling-fastlane-1.4.7-linux-x86_64/validate_apple_credentials “username password”
07:55:30 [exp] Error while gathering & validating credentials
07:55:30 [exp] [object Object]
07:55:30 [exp] undefined
07:55:30 [exp] undefined

I even employed a freelancer to attempt to get the build made. He gets a “standalone build failed” error I attached the screenshot of his error log.

Any help would be amazing. Either on getting the build to work on my device, or on advice that I should give the freelancer so he can build.

i am also getting ios build error 0775a78c-afe6-4a50-94bd-3529b73275be @notbrent

Hi, does that happen only when you create the binary for ios? have you tried to see what happens if you try to create a binary for android?

Same issue. exp build:android worked, but build:ios is not. Followed the instructions for setting up WSL and Ubuntu, setting up Unix username&pwd and no luck. Getting the same error as @joshuaojo03. exp version 54.0.0

By completely resetting my computer and creating a User name with no spaces, I was able to get exp build:ios working. However, I do not recommend this method. I lost some data, and had to reinstall all of my programs. Expo should make it so spaces in usernames don’t affect the build process.

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yup… same issue here…
username with spaces wont build for ios.

shouldn’t be too difficult to fix this, right @notbrent ?

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