issues with environment setting

Hi there,
I am new to expo and react-native, and stuck in configuring the enviornment.
I have tried number of ways in past many days, but none of them work

I have installed expo cli using --force command. created an app but I am unable to use emulator.
I have tried ANDROID STUDIO, installed sdk and emulator, everytime when i click start AVD it says unable to find ADB, but start emulator later on, If i click it second time, it says AVD already running. I am not finding a way to link app that is opened in VS Code Editor or even in Android Studio to run on emulator.

I have also tried VS Emulator, it also loads the software, but how to get the app displayed on this emulator?

I have also tried to set bash profile for sdk, but that also didnt work.
Kindly help me
I am using windows 10