Issue with iOS Push Notifications in Standalone App

I’m currently getting this error when I try to send a push notification to a standalone app:

"message":"The certificate to connect to the Apple Push Notification service for this app has been revoked.",

Will rebuilding another binary and letting expo handle my push certificates fix this? Or is there another possible solution?

You’ll need to re-geneate your push notification certificates, which either have been revoked manually or automatically expired. To do so, go into your Apple Developer Center and delete your existing push certificate (Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles > Certificates > Production). Then submit another build through Expo with exp build:ios, which will try to fetch a new certificate and make it available to Expo’s push service. You don’t need to submit the new binary to the App Store.

Expo’s push service does cache push notification certificates with a TTL of 10 minutes and I believe we don’t invalidate the cache upon builds, so please wait up to 10 minutes after your iOS build completes.

Apple has a newer push notification protocol that uses never-expiring keys instead of the certificates that expire. We use a key instead of the certificate internally for the Expo client itself but still use certificates because the open-source software we use to provision push notification credentials doesn’t yet fully support keys. But eventually we will be able to move from certificates to keys and make your life easier.


Thank you that worked :slight_smile:

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