issue with expo-google-sign-in

I was following this article to implement google auth on my managed app. however, i’m confused about several things.

after building the app i’m getting following error on iOS. Android build is working fine.

Missing GoogleService-Info.plist

The article above doesn’t say we need to include it somewhere, moreover, in other places, I found we need to detach app to use that file. So how it is supposed to work on iOS?


Ok, I could solve it. Here are the things I’ve done:

const isInClient = Constants.appOwnership === 'expo';
const clientIdForUseInTheExpoClient = ''; 

const clientIdStandalone ={
  android: '<android_client_id>', //android one is irrelevant as it'll come from google-services.json anyway
  ios: '<ios_client_id>',

const clientId = isInClient ? clientIdForUseInTheExpoClient : clientIdStandalone;

if (isInClient) {

Then, when I need to init sign in, I this is what I execute

      await GoogleSignIn.initAsync({
        isOfflineEnabled: true,
        isPromptEnabled: true,

      await GoogleSignIn.askForPlayServicesAsync();
      const {type, user} = await GoogleSignIn.signInAsync();

I hope it helps someone.

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