GoogleSignIn.signInAsync() crashes ios app

I am trying to use the GoogleSignIn library in an ios standalone app with SDK version 32. The app crashes on the GoogleSignIn.signInAsync step. I have created a native ios app on firebase console, downloaded the plist file and placed the relevant “reservedClientId” value in my app.json. Here’s the relevant code:

await GoogleSignIn.initAsync({ clientId: __REVERSED_CLIENT_ID_IOS__ })
await GoogleSignIn.askForPlayServicesAsync()
const rv = await GoogleSignIn.signInAsync()

Has anyone had any issues with this? I need this feature to push to production, or even for testing on testflight so cannot seem to move forward until this is fixed. Please help!

Also, the Google package used within the expo client for google sign in returns type and accessToken. But GoogleSignIn.signInAsync return type and user. Where can i get the accessToken?


Anyone else facing this issue? This seems to be broken and I cannot launch without it!

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