Issue expo managed built stuck at the beginning

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  1. SDK Version: 41.0.1
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS
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I am developing an application which runs fine in Expo client on a simulator. No errors or warnings.
I build a .app file, which is installable on a simulator but as soon as I run it, it gets stuck on something like a splash screen. After I press cmd + / in the logs I see
assertion failed: 20D91 17B102: libxpc.dylib + 83135 [2C8335BC-019B-37C6-B8C6-92A04E475054]: 0x7d
but nothing else. I don’t know what I can further investigate. It also crashes in a real devices, meaning that any standalone built is broken but on Expo client works perfectly.
I work on Mac BigSur.

Hey @locapp, I would recommend reading our debugging guide to better equip you to work through these errors/issues when they arise. Debugging - Expo Documentation

This error might be of importance to you as this is one of the likely causes when an app gets stuck on the Splash screen.


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