Is it really possible to link native bundles now?


I’m familiar with Expo since version 13 or so and love it and used it for a few mobile apps - BUT, the one disadvantage I had with it is the fact that I can’t link native bundles (react-native link), I read somewhere that Expo do allow it since version 34/35 - is there anyone that managed to use it? What are the pros/cons?




If you want to link native code (that is not already included in Expo) you still have to eject. However you can still use the Expo app to help with development if you follow the procedures here.

Even with the new react native 0.60+ auto-link? I was hoping that it play nice with Expo…

Expo (up to SDK 35) is not yet based on React Native >= 0.60.
The Expo team is working hard on getting SDK 36 based on React Native 0.61.
I don’t know what impact autolinking will have on Expo >= SDK 36.

SDK 36 is now out. I’m trying to work out if any degree of linking / autolinking is now possible. Stumbled across this thread in the process. Will try to post an update if I discover it, please do likewise! Thanks

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