Is Expo a good choice for my app?

Hello all,

I’m looking to build a React Native app with expo. I’m afraid of running into problems down the road so I’ll show y’all a quick glance of the features I want hoping for your help to know if they’re well supported :slightly_smiling_face:.

Here are the features, in order of importance:

  1. Embedding Vimeo Plus videos, with the video pausing and resuming properly when the user puts the app in the background and comes back to it, respectively.¹
  2. Playing audio tracks (hosted online).
  3. Being able to share a link directly to a page within the app.²
  4. Being able to download the audio tracks to the filesystem.
  5. Being able to download the audio tracks within the app itself (so when the user comes to the app and clicks play, the saved track will play even when offline).
  6. Display PDF files in-app.

¹I’ve researched a lot about this and it’s a recurring issue among users who tried embedding Youtube videos with WebView, so I’m opting for Vimeo and hoping there’s something better than WebViews for this.

²I think this is called deep linking.

I hope some of you guys/gals who tried any of these features provide me with feedback on the matter.


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