Youtube video support

I am using expo in the current project. So far it is awesome. The only dependency I could not found in expo is youtube player.

I really love to see youtube player on the expo. The available plugins need native configuration for which we need to detach from the expo. I hate to do that.

The only option I see apart from using third-party plugins which need native configuration is webView. But webView keep playing video in the background which will be rejected by app/play store for violating the terms.

There is a certain method available to stop the video playing in the background but again it has some drawback. For eg: you can use appstate to detect the app state and render the video when it is in the foreground but the video will start from the beginning everytime you switch between the app. This will be so annoying for the user.

I would love to see the following plugin support on expo
There is a good plugin which I found [].

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Hey @jitenderchand,

We use Canny to track feature requests. It appears there already is a feature request to integrate said library: React Native YouTube | Voters | Expo Please upvote and, if necessary, add any additional information you want to the feature request.



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