iphone XR -- push notifications not received

Users with iphone XR are not receiving push notifications. In all cases, notifications are enabled on the device, and the expo push token is being saved.
When testing the expo push token using https://exp.host/--/api/v2/push/send , status “ok” is received, along with the push ticket ID. The receipt data from Expo also returns status “ok”. Has anyone else seen this issue before?

SDK Version: 29.0.0

Hi @setter!

Sorry you’re having trouble with Push Notifications :confused:
Is this only happening on iPhone XR users?

Also, just so you know, as per the Push Notification docs-

Even if a ticket says “ok”, it doesn’t guarantee that the notification will be delivered nor that the device has received the message; “ok” in a push ticket means that Expo successfully received the message and enqueued it to be delivered to the Android or iOS push notification service.

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