iPad multitasking not available

  1. SDK Version: 4.13.0
  2. Platforms(iOS): iPadOS 15.1

When I use Expo Go to run the application, multitasking works (the three points of multitasking appear and split-view and slide-over work, but when I build the app with “expo build: ios”, I upload it with “Transporter” and I distribute it from “TestFlight”, the multitasking disappears (the 3 dots in the upper part do not appear) and when I try to launch the application in any of the multitasking modes, a message of “not available” appears. Is there any configuration to fix it ? In EAS, does it work?

Hey @albertog, does your app.json have the ios.requireFullScreen property set to true? There is now a free EAS plan that will enable you try building via EAS to see if that results in the multi-tasking working. If so, that would be great information for us to know. Lastly, you shared your expo-cli version instead of your SDK version above. SDK version would be something like 39-43.


Thanks @adamjnav. I don’t have “ios.requireFullScreen” property set to true. I will try to build via EAS to see if the multi-task works and I will tell you. Next time I’ll include the SDK version, that is “expo”: “~ 43.0.2”. Sorry.

I have tried building directly with xcode after creating the native iOS project files and multitasking works perfectly.

Thanks for your help.