iPad and App submission issue

Hello folks!

Apologies if this is not the right channel to ask this question. I recently submitted an app for submission on iOS. I already had “supportsTablet”: false in my app.json however the portal still shows iPad devices (please check the screenshot attached)

I have no intention of supporting iPads and my app got rejected because the views were not build for iPads.

Any ideas what I can do? Any help is appreciated! thank you!

Hey @oncahealth, there is no screenshot attached here. Also, can you let me know how you built your binary that you submitted?


Hey @adamjnav Thank you for the reply!

Here’s a screenshot where I selected “false” for the supportsTablet flag

I followed instructions here to build the binary: Creating your first build - Expo Documentation

  • Essentially I did eas build -p ios

Then for submission i followed instructions here: Submitting to the Apple App Store - Expo Documentation

  • I did eas submit -p ios


(Sorry another message since I couldn’t add more than 1 media in previous comment)

All of the above went well. But in the App Store Connect I still see iPad in the list of supported devices

Hello, for anyone who might face the similar issue in the future. I could have just submitted without the iPad screenshots and it would be fine. Not sure why I got asked to add them in the first review, but worked in second. Regardless, this is resolved. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the help!

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