iOS13 and potential push notification issues...

I’m wondering if anyone know whether some of the issues mentioned by OneSignal here

could affect Expo standalone iOS apps (running on SDK 33).

Has anyone encountered issues testing push on iOS13?


We addressed this issue in [iOS] make apnsTokenString resistant to breaking change of iOS13 by Szymon20000 · Pull Request #5398 · expo/expo · GitHub, which will be going out with SDK 35, which we hope to release in the next week or two.

Additionally, this article Apple Push Notification Device Tokens - NSHipster talks about this change and says it is related to apps compiled with the iOS 13 SDK, not apps running on iOS 13. The standalone apps for SDK 34 and older were compiled with the iOS 12 SDK; if this article is accurate, all cases should be covered.

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Here’s hoping the article is accurate :-).

This does make me wonder: if the Expo build service uses XCode will it be updated to XCode 11 at some point and then this becomes an issue for future builds unless they update to v35?

It should not become a issue for future builds because the libraries were still compiled with Xcode 10.

Im running on SDK 34, builder already patched ? im getting in troubles with notifications on iOS 13, thanks !!

Yes, the builders have been patched. You’ll need to rebuild your app, and if there are still issues then debug further.

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