Expo sdk 34 + iOS 13. Push notifications not working

I’m testing the app with TestFlight.
For build I’m picking ‘Let expo handle my credentials’.
I have a iOS 13.1 device with my app installed via TestFlight. I’m getting Expo[xxx] token here w/o any issues, but then, when I’m using Push Notification Tool — Expo to send some push message here, I’m receiving status: "ok", id: "b3deb0d0-9cba-4655-b1cb-2c362c2f0e63, which is expected. But I don’t see any notifications on real device.
After downgrading my phone from 13.1 to 12.4 everything works fine!
I tried to use “expo”: “35.0.0-rc.0”, but it didn’t help

Everything described above letting me think that the reason is iOS 13 (or 13.1).

Is it a common issue or it’s happening only for me? Thanks!


Hi guys, anybody knows if SDK 34 already patched?

im gettin troubles with notifications on iOS 13, thanks !!!

@outatime SDKs 33 and 34 builders were patched, what issue are you seeing? Are you build on expo-cli or turtle-cli?

Hi again @charliecruzan , I submitted my latest ipa built with sdk34 on 9/12, then I did some OTAs.
Push notifications stopped working after ios13 update.
I would like to know if sdk34 builder is patched so I can regenerate the build and resubmit to apple.

It’s patched, you’ll need to rebuild your IPA to get the fix :+1:

Great, thanks you save my day :tada:

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