iOS rejected due to 5.1.1, but the majority of permissions Apple lists are not used in my app.

When submitting my application for review, I was rejected due to not providing sufficient information for why my app was requesting permissions. I found the very helpful posts about setting more detailed permissions messages, however my question is regarding the actual permissions Apple rejected my app based on.

“We noticed that your app requests the user’s consent to access their - Microphone, Calendar, Photos, Camera, Motion, Location, Contacts, Reminders”

The strange thing is I only use Location, Photos and Camera in my actual application. Is this a case of the apple reviewer pasting in some default list of permissions? Does Expo ever request/use these permissions internally? Should I specify “more detailed” permission strings even for the permissions my app isn’t using? Any input from the community on this would be much appreciated!

hi @dimitz123, these permissions are listed in Info.plist by default and you can customize them. See:

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