Asking for permissions with custom text

Is there a way to add a custom text when asking for permissions? My app recently got denied by apple stating it has to provide detailed information about why it needs to access the calendar. They provided a screenshot on which a dialog with a custom message was shown.

My current workaround for this would be to fist display a modal indicating the reason and afterwards asking for permission.

Thank You!

"infoPlist": {
    "NSCalendarsUsageDescription": "YOUR CUSTOM TEXT"

Ref :-

Only Add this in App.json Then u able to change custom text.
good Luck

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@biplov14 thank you very much, that worked!

So if I understand correctly; as this text is hardcoded there’s no way of making it dynamic for use in different languages, right?

Hey @niftyfit,

On iOS, you can localize these dialogs:



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oh yes, overlooked this one, thank you all!


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