[iOS] Old app's icon persist after builds with new icon

Hello Expo!

I work with my team on a mobile app since months. Recently, we’ve been doing new builds using EAS internally. As all Expo developers know, the project that appears on website and Expo Go app, shows up with the app’s icon (or logo).

A week ago, we’ve changed the icon, according to our customers. The new icon appears correctly on Android and iOS, but the previous one, still appearing in some places:

  1. . in Expo Website
  2. in Expo Go
  3. on iOS devices (Only at download runtime)

We need absolutely to get rid of that icon whatever costs are! Please we need urgent support to solve this annoying problem!

We’re using SDK 46

I solved it! Thanks to expo publish :

expo-cli publish --release-channel default

This magic command made an update on the website, expo Go and the installed versions in iOS!

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