App Icon is not changing in Android/IOS

I upload a new APK/IPA to the stores, the process was the same than always, but in this time I had changed my app Icon, with a new one.

In all the new instalations the icons is the new one so we are super OK, but in all the old instalations in Android and Ios, the app keeps the old icon, I’m having this issue in my own device, and i want to ask if it’s a problem related to Expo o if I should ask Android/Ios stores?

Thanks in advance


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Hi guys!!

could you please help me with the above issue?

Thanks in advance


Please see this section of the documentation:

Basically your users will need to upgrade the app from the App/Play Store. The OTA update will not update the icon.

Thanks Wodin for the reply, but this is a new update from the stores, it’s not an OTA, I submitted a new IPA/APK

Thanks the reason I’m confused




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