ios developer option no longer available, path forward for development builds?

Now that ios has removed the option to toggle developer mode without connecting to xcode, (which clients and stakeholders will definitely not have) the development build route seems extremely problematic. Is there any proposed path forward from the expo team?

Unfortunately I don’t have a device with iOS 16 to test with, but the Expo docs imply that you don’t need Xcode. They do say you might need to install the app before the setting appears, though. Could you give it a try?

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Hi @rexpeditionco,

Recently, I observed that the option toggle developer mode is not available by default on an iOS 16+ device.

On testing it on the device, however, when the build is installed on a device, press the app icon. The option to enable “Developer mode” will appear under Privacy & Security > Developer Mode automatically. Then you can follow the steps as mentioned in iOS Developer Mode - Expo Documentation to restart the device and
turn it on.

We are also going to update the docs to reflect the same.

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