iOS app install failing

I built the app using:

exp build:ios

I downloaded the app IPA from the url given from:

exp build:status

when I install the IPA using itunes, the app try to install it on my iphone and shows the app loading icons etc… but at the end of the process, the app icon desappears from the iphone and the app is not installed. I am not getting any error messages neither logs.

any idea what is going on?


@herve76 did you upload the ipa via TestFlight?

not with TestFlight. Do I have to upload the ipa to testflight to test it on my device?

I tried with itunes.

With xcode /device manager latest version I am getting “App installation failed - There was an internal API error”

hi @herve76, yes, to test on your device, you will either need to upload to Testflight or do a simulator build (ie) exp build:ios -t simulator. You should only be using iTunes to upload your ipa to the appstore

The app I am trying to test works fine on the simulator and on my device(TestFlight). I am trying to test my app on AWS Device farm. I am not able to open the app on device farm. Is there any support for testing on device farm by just using the .ipa file?

For more informations see question: ‘Do you modify my app?’


I just created a ticket on AWS Device Farm: