Can't install ipa file to ios device, after build success

I have successfully builded IPA file. But I can’t install this file to ios device, Ipad v10.3.3 (also tried on iPhones).

I have tried to install it via iTunes and this site But everything unsuccessful.
It tries to install but suddenly breaks during installation.

Here is the log of build:
There are some errors in log, in building and signing IPA section, but I don’t know, whether it could be the cause of this problem.

[stderr] warning: /private/tmp/turtle/c4a419ab-0429-4dd4-961e-51dc60742797/archive.xcarchive/BCSymbolMaps/ExpoKitApp-armv7.bcsymbolmap: 
[stderr] No such file or directory. Not unobfuscating.
[stderr] warning: /private/tmp/turtle/c4a419ab-0429-4dd4-961e-51dc60742797/archive.xcarchive/BCSymbolMaps/ExpoKitApp-arm64.bcsymbolmap: No such file or directory
[stderr] . Not unobfuscating.


[stderr] _floatsignTemp/Payload/ replacing existing signature
[stderr] _floatsignTemp/Payload/ signed app bundle with Mach-O universal (armv7 arm64) [kz.kcell.ctouch]

Please, help me to solve this issue.

Hey @darkhan,

We don’t provide support for installing it via diawi. When you say you tried via iTunes, do you mean you tried uploading it to TestFlight via App Store Connect?


No, I mean I tried via iTunes application installed on windows 10.
I have not tried testFlight yet.

Ah, as far as I know, uploading via ASC and then using TestFlight is the only official solution here.

Now I can’t upload ipa-file to TestFlight. An error occurred “The u option must have a non-empty value.”
Using xCode 10.
There is nothing about it in the internet, except too old information.

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