Best way to submit an IPA file to App Store Connect?

Hey everyone,

Once I’m done building my iOS IPA file using the expo build:ios CLI command and downloading the file from the Expo build system web UI, is my only option is using Xcode’s Application Loader? This is what I know and have been using for forever since I don’t build my code using Xcode but I was wondering if it’s the best option available…

It’s so much nicer on Google Play that I just upload the file using its web UI - does App Store Connect offers something like that and I just can’t find it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you want a nice UI - only way is Application Loader.
There is also a command line interface for Application Loader.

We’re working on expo-cli command for uploading IPA to App Store - unfortunately, this still will be iOS-only tool.

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That’s what so funny about it - it seems like that Application Loader is deprecated b/c it’s so ugly :slight_smile:

WOW - having a way to do so using the expo CLI will be awesome, thanks!

I’m using fastlane to automate my IPA uploads.
Basically I automated everythng with bash scripts on macincloud.

Fastlane looks awesome - thanks for the tip!

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