ImagePicker > SaveToCameraRoll not working on SDK28 Android

Wondering if anyone else has come across this (and want to verify before putting in a bug report).

When trying to save a photo locally taken with the camera, the error “No such file or directory” occurs. This is only happening on SDK28 and only Android.

Check the following snack with the console open and switch between SDK27/28 to reproduce:

The cached image will always show up, but you can see in the console that it doesn’t save locally on SDK28 on Android. Tested on physical devices as well and same issue.

Thoughts from the Expo team?

This is a bug that will be fixed with a minor release next week, as a workaround you could copy the file with FileSystem.copyAsync and save the copied one to gallery. Sorry!

Ok, sounds good. Thanks aalices!

Hey aalices, has this dropped yet?

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Hello? I’m just looking for an update.

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