Where is FileSystem.documentDirectory?

I’m working on a camera app using camerja as a template, and after testing it some on my android phone, I’d like to find the pictures I took, but they don’t appear anywhere in my phone’s gallery. I’m trying to see if I can track them down in the file explorer, but I have no idea where FileSystem.documentDirectory actually is.

Where does FileSystem.documentDirectory lead? How can I save the pictures I take so that they’re accessible in the gallery?

documentDirectory is just a string, you can display or log it to see where things are going: https://snack.expo.io/B1kZNrTQM

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The odd thing is, it seems to be pointing to a folder that doesn’t exist on my phone. Does running it through the expo app and not as a standalone app mean it doesn’t save anything?

Hey there! Photos will be saved in the documentDirectory when running through the Expo app, but you cannot access Expo’s documentDirectory through other apps on your phone - this is just part of the Android OS. What you may want to do is use the React Native CameraRoll API to copy your photos to the phone’s gallery - see https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/cameraroll.html#savetocameraroll . Hope this helps!

EDIT July 2018: I noticed this link seems to be popular, so just wanted to mention here that we now have the Expo.MediaLibrary API which can do the same thing but has a lot more power and flexibility. We currently recommend using this instead of React Native’s CameraRoll. Docs here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/media-library

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