expo publish - expo build conflicts

Hey guys. What will happen if I update to SDK 40 from a lower version and I use a package which was introduced in SDK 40 and probably won’t work on SDK < 40 (maybe because the native code for it is absent) and then expo publish (edited)

So basically if I run expo build:android it publishes and then builds app bundle. So before someone downloads the bundle from google play if expo-update picks up the publish, will the app not crash?

@rishav394 over-the-air updates only happen when the latest update uses the same SDK version that currently runs on the installed app. When expo-updates sees the new update published, if it detects that it uses a newer SDK version, then it will ignore it, and the users will only get the new update with new SDK when you deploy a new version of your standalone app through the stores (Google Play and/or App Store). So, you should be safe.

Please let me know if I misunderstood your question.

@esdrasevt Thats exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot. Is this documented somewhere?

Another quick question though. What if the SDK version is the same and I start using something that wasn’t included before in the native bundle (I use experimental builds for android). What happens then? Will expo updates pick it up?

@rishav394 This page from the expo docs will likely provide most, if not all information you need about expo-updates and updating your apps over-the-air

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