Updated Standalone App in iTunes with new SDK

Hey Expo-ers,

So I just republished a new build of my App with expo sdk 17, but when I now open it via TestFlight, I get the old version. The published version via the expo app works fine. Any suggestions? Thanks!


If you upgrade to a new version of the SDK, you’ll need to do another exp build:ios and exp build:android in order to get a binary that includes the native code for the latest SDK.

Otherwise, your app will find the latest version of the code that it can handle, which will be your old code.

Does this make sense?


Yea, that’s what I did…

Hmmm… what’s the URL of your project?

hmmmm hi. maybe opening the app leaving it open fo ra few seconds and then killing the app and reopening it. there’s some chance the old code is bundled with the new binary and you need to download the update over the air.
lmk if that works?

No such luck… Still the same old version.

When I downgraded my exp published app to sdk 16, the standalone app displays the new version…