I was working on an app on https://snack.expo.io/ using my account, but today all my progress just disappeared.

A few days ago I was working on an app on https://expo.io/ using my account, but today all my progress just disappeared.

Does a slack have an expiration date?

I’m really disappointed, I already told my client that your app was almost ready.image attached.

image attached.

hi there,

there is not an expiration date on snacks.

it looks like this snack is still there: Login-Fortaleza-Online - Snack
you can see your snacks listed on Log In — Expo

Yes, my slacks are listed, but when opening the login-fortaleza-online slack I have a view of the attached image.

I successfully accessed an anonymous tab. Thanks.

it sounds like there is some issue accessing it from your account, i’ll pass this on to the snack team

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The version I accessed with anonymous tab is not the most current.

It looks like the last save was on Saturday.

There seems to indeed be a problem accessing that Snack from your account. When you open the Developer Tools in the browser and then go to “Network”, do you see any errors? You might need to reload to see the failing requests.

@notbrent @ijzerenhein Hi! I’m experiencing this issue as well. This is my snack bad milkshake - Snack and I worked on it yesterday Sep 23 till midnight, but the save history only shows entries till 10:58pm (GMT-5). The snack was still working on the device I had connected and the link is exp://expo.io/@vanpacheco/bad-milkshake+8YGGRc3vF, but now it refreshed and has a slightly older version of the code, but I’m ok with that version. How can I get the code from that working snack? I really appreciate your help. Thanks!

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it’s very strange because my browser history shows that my last access was on Sunday. I remember that I implemented a login with facebook on this day. By the way, I deleted the snack and completed my job.

Hey guys. We are very sorry in any of you lost data, we definitely don’t want that to ever happen.
We believe this may have been caused when opening an older draft, which could then overwrite the latest version. We’ve recently deployed several fixes that should prevent this from happening again. The “Snacks” view on your account now shows a “Draft” badge for all temporary Snacks. This will help you distinguish between your explicitly saved Snacks and those quick Snack scribbles that you never saved. Also, the Snacks are now correctly sorted by date, so you’ll see your last saved Snacks at the top, always. And last but not least, explicitly saving a Snack would often cause two Snacks to appear in the Snacks view. One of them was the initially auto-saved Snack and it often appeared at the top of the list. This has been fixed and you will now see only Snack, as you would expect.

We believe this should prevent these problems from happening again. Let us know if you still experience problems or unexpected data loss.

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This happened to me today, I lost the proggress of one day.
It’s exactly how it was before I started working yesterday.

Yes, this error lives a long time and fix is “if you see old data immediatly force refresh page - it will load latest data”