How to use NetInfo React Native library

The React Native library NetInfo has been deprecated and replaced by the @react-native-community/netinfo third-party library. However, this library requires react-native link to install. Does that mean we can no longer use NetInfo in non-ejected Expo projects? Are you planning to bring the NetInfo functionality into the Expo SDK?

Edit: I noticed that the Expo docs actually recommend using NetInfo so I’d be interested to hear the correct way to use it going forward.

The docs haven’t been updated yet because this news is recent (I think 6 days ago React Native made the change according to the archive).

It was only a fortnight ago I used the React Native NetInfo library…now I have to rewrite my offline notification :roll_eyes:

Edit: I think, right now, continue using the deprecated NetInfo because SDK 33 is using React Native 0.59.

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