RN's `Netinfo` API requires to edit androidmanifest, how to use it in Expo?

So pretty much as stated in the title, I really don’t wanna detach just for this.
Maybe Expo has it built in, but I just missed it somehow?

we already added this so it just works


Cool. I must have done something wrong when using it. It works now :slight_smile: Thanks

ymmv in the simulator, it doesn’t seem to report the events accurately, might be a problem with the underlying react-native implementation or the simulator itself

Yeah, could have been the simulator tbh. it works now anyway, so Happy days :slight_smile:

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Hi @notbrent does this page need updating to remove the requirement to update the android manifest? https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/react-native/netinfo/ I was googling about this as I was concerned I was going to have to eject as per this question.


yeah it does, we import the react-native api docs directly so we probably need to change that in the react-native docs to say it’s not needed in expo projects