react-native-device-info version?

What’s the latest compatible version of react-native-device-info? I currently run 2.3.2 but I see that they have just released the 4.0.1 version. Thanks!

Try the newest version in your app in the Expo Client. If everything seems to work fine, I dont see any reason it wont work in a standalone app.

FWIW, for all 3rd party libs that I want to use in my app, I am generally not concerned about which versions are compatible. I start with the latest, and if that doesnt work, then and only then would I consider an older version. I’ve yet to run into a situation where I needed to do this. Generally speaking, the only issues I’ve run into with 3rd party are those that require react-native link since my app is not ejected.

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Sounds like a good approach. Thanks, man!

It might also be worth taking a look at the new Device module we released to see if that covers your use case(s). In case you have a managed project and do not want to eject to the Bare workflow or ExpoKit.


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This is exactly what I need! Thanks a lot Adam!!

Happy to help!