How to stop Expo Automatic Updates

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version:^37.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):All

Hi , I want to stop automatic updates in EXPO as making a new build automatically updates the previous existing builds .

There are few options:

  • migrate to eas build
  • run builds expo build:ios --no-publish (but then your app will use last published code not what you have locally)
  • use release channels (updates will still be send but you can separate builds you are doing for testing from production builds) Release Channels - Expo Documentation
  • disable ota updates
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Hi @cowt

When you build with the classic build system (expo build), it does an automatic expo publish at the same time. If you do not specify the “release channel”, then it will use the “default” release channel.
So if you build a test version of your app, it will cause the apps on the App/Play store to update.
To get around this you can build your test versions with a different release channel. Then when you’re ready for the apps in the App/Play store to update, you can promote the release to the default channel.

If you do want to disable OTA updates, see the “updates” section of app.json.

Note, I’ve linked to the latest versions of the docs because SDK 37 is old and no longer supported.

Also, as wkozyra mentions, the new EAS Build does not publish when you build. You would need to upgrade to at least SDK 41 (but preferably SDK 44) if you want to use EAS Build.

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