Expo auto update/publish to my client whitout running expo update or publish

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  1. SDK 41:
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS):

First of all I’m a newbie.
I just stared project with Expo for months, I know not much about it as I’m leaning.
But I accomplished V1 of my project and released to stores both iOS and Android successfully like a piece of cake.

Recenltly I made a new update V2 complete and i ran command below to build my project purpose to download the app build files (ipa & apk) share to my colleague help me for testing:

expo build:ios
expo build:android
once all completed, I went to website expo.io login to check my activities and the builds.
Both are built completed and i can download to shares with my colleague as expected.

Next 6 hours later, i got message from my clients which they able to see my V2 which i didn’t released to store and i didn’t ran command “expo update” or “expo publish” any of these. Which is weird and i can’t find out why my client able to see my V2 update, without any my actions above.

Could anyone please explain me how is that possible?

Hey @chanra.neak, this is expected behavior when using expo build. To prevent the process from publishing you can pass the --no-publish flag to the cmd. For future reference, this behavior has been removed from eas build which is now the preferred method for building binaries.


Thanks you very much for your answer. It’s very helpfull.

Oh… i still have another problem, i would like to rollback to publish the V1.
Can i rollback to specific build ID from build history?
My build history all have the same Release Channel, same SDK version how can i rollback to the correct build?

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