How to run EAS Build Deotx e2e test in CI?

Using Managed Workflow with eas-cli version 3.6.1 and GitHub Actions as our Continuous Integration (CI) solution in a monorepo setup, I aim to execute end-to-end (e2e) tests on native binaries (iOS and Android).

The challenge we face is that, as an engineer, when I open a Pull Request (PR), I want the e2e tests to run on native binaries in simulator incorporating my changes. However, I prefer not to trigger a binary build in the CI pipeline. Building binaries through Expo incurs a $2 cost for each build, and it consumes a significant amount of time, approximately 20-25 minutes. Moreover, there’s the issue of concurrency, which means if all available threads are occupied, I would be required to wait for the previous build to complete.

While I found this informative article on e2e testing with Expo and detox (Run E2E tests on EAS Build - Expo Documentation), it lacks specific steps for integrating e2e tests into our CI pipeline.

hi there!

  • more concurrencies are available under production/enterprise plans
  • we’re working on first-class support for testing workflows, you can learn more about what we’re building here: Preview: fully customizable builds on EAS Build - Expo Changelog
  • note that this is currently in preview and we hope to roll out an improved pricing model by the end of the year