Triggering builds from CI without installing dependencies before

Hi there,

Is it required to run npm ci (or yarn install --frozen-lockfile) before running eas build?

Or what are alternatives?

I know for sure you have to install eas-cli first, but that’s ok.

The fact is this way we basically install dependencies twice:

  1. Before running eas build on our CI
  2. When the build runs on EAS servers

This is makes the whole process quite slow, especially if in a monorepo/workspace.


  • bare workflow
  • eas-cli@0.33.1


eas-cli is using some internals of expo-cli that assume that node_modules exists, e.g. we check version of sdk based on expo package version. It’s possible that it will work(you might need to specify sdkVersion in app.json) for a bare project, but it’s not sth we are actively supporting.

you might also look into caching node_modules on the CI you are running

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yeah, specifying runtimeVersion and adding both eas-cli and expo-cli globally did the trick, thanks for the info :slight_smile: