How to Customize Localization List for Android Release Package

Hi guys, I noticed with expo build, the Android package being built & uploaded to Google Play contains with all 117 locales (see screenshot attached) & all the permissions by default & I can’t seem to find a way to customize them, is this something we can change prior or during the build process? app.json only has a locale property but it’s for a different purpose.

If not, would this be doable with EAS build? I haven’t been able to find any docs or answers about this.

permissions: Permissions - Expo Documentation

localizations: i’m not familiar with how google comes up with this list, but it is not impacting your app size if you are building an aab. you should contact google support for more information on that.

eas build: you can make your app smaller and have more control over permissions and everything else by using it

Hi there, thank you so much for replying! So turns out EAS build reduced both localization & permission list.

HOWEVER, regarding permission, I did set the property in app.json file like this:


But I think Expo added a few extra ones via eas build, specifically READ_PHONE_STATE, which our app does not use, and Google Play Console is giving me review error (see screenshot)

Is my only option to add a privacy policy or is there some way to remove the permission?