Can I customize which permissions are asked when a user installs my standalone app from the Play Store?

Asked by Jan-Philipp over emal:


is there a way to set the permissions when building a standalone android
app for publishing?

Is seems that per default permissions like location, read contacts,
camera (…) are required.



On Android 6 (Api 23) and higher all permissions are asked at runtime (after install, on demand), and on Android 5.1 (Api 22) and lower they are asked when you install the app from the Play Store.

There is currently no way to customize which permissions are asked for Api 22 and lower devices using Expo standalone builds. We’re hesitant to build this because 5.1 is on the way out and it represents a non-trivial amount of work. Android 5 is now two major versions behind, and while the adoption of new OS versions on Android is slower than iOS, only about 25% of all devices are on Android 5 (according to Mixpanel:,to_date:0).


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A little privacy policy nightmare in a bottle.
Is it truly not possible to add a "permissions": false to exp.json just to get rid of all of them?

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we are working on this:

for now you can change the AndroidManifest.xml and resign the apk if you need to do this

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Thank you for your work :sunny:

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new SDK supports some permissions to be set now :slight_smile: